April 2017

Your Officers:

President:.....................Charlie Winchell

Vice President:..............Dick Latham

Secretary/Treasurer:.....Rick Freeman

Ken Peters.....................Director / Range Master

Your Directors:

Mike Marshall, Mike Pankovich, John Crockett, Terry Hopkins, Skip Miller

April 2017

Greetings to all......here we are four months into the new year and as usual time is flying by.  I hope this finds everyone holding up against mother nature and the crazy winter she has thrown at us.  I don't know about you but this has to be the wettest winter I can remember.  Here in Middletown our normal rain fall is 43 inches and we are sitting at 110 inches so fare and more on its way.  I know that Cobb and a few other places are hovering around 130 inches.  Talk about one extreme to another.

Enough about the weather......The first round robin is in the books and things went pretty well.  I am sure there are a few of you out there wishing they shot better, but hey, don't well all....LOLThe clubs are trying something new this year.  They have replaced the belt buckles with very nice engraved knifes for the men and for the ladies they have very nice engraved jewelry boxes and bracelets.  Some of which can be seen on the Ukiah Gun Club facebook page where they show the first round of winners.  We still have 4 more to go so round up the family & friends and plan to come out and have some fun with a great group of folks enjoying common interests.

During the March meeting we held elections for officers and directors.  Charlie is once again our president.  Dick has remained our vice president and Rick retains the position of secretary/treasurer.  We had a few changes with directors.  Merritt Winchell, Gail Wiley and Laurie Reed have stepped down and we thank you for your service and support, it is much appreciated.  We also voted in two new directors, Terry Hopkins and Skip Miller.  Thank you all for your service and support of the club. 


Yes, the Lake County Rod and Gun Club has a website.  Thanks to Charlie and the recommendations of Shawn Faull the site is up and running.  This will be your source for all that is happening at the club especially events, special shoots, meetings & money shoots.  Every effort will be made to keep this up to date so no one misses out on all the fun.  Please take a few moments to take a look and bookmark our new site...www.lakecountyrodandgunclub.com.  The calendar is filled with a lot of information.  When you place your pointer over a date that contains an event a box will open explaining the event.  You can also click on the day of the event and a separate page will open that is much easier to read.

This leads me to let everybody know that this will be the last news letter that will be printed and mailed out.  From this point on all news letters will be available on the web site in the newsletter heading.  Just click on the news letter you want to read and it will open within the website.  You do not need any special software to view.  If you don't have access to a computer please let Rick Freeman know and he will keep you on the mailing list.


It's time to renew your 2017 membership.  If you don't you can't participate in the round robins or the members only competition at the end of the year.  The club also needs your support to keep going.  So far we have only 80% of the membership that has renewed.  So, the next timeyour are at the range renew your membership or send it into Rick Freeman.  Now you can even renew on the web site.  We need your support and it's one of the least expensive memberships around.......Thank You!!!

The club still has shot for sale at $36 a bag and hats are going for $20.  We do get wads & primers, but that is only through a special request bulk order done a few times a year. Talk to a board member about getting onto the list for the next order.


I know this is the last thing you want to do after a long week of work, yet, we need your help to get the place looking tip top.  There is a lot that needs to be done due to the nasty winter we have had.  There have been many folks doing work now and it's much appreciated and there is still more that needs to be done.  We had a tree come down blocking the gravel road into the club that had to be cleared.  Now it needs to be cleaned up and split to keep warm by for next winter.  Lot's of leafs and branches need to be cleaned up.  Mowing needs to be done and houses need to be filled.  Many hand make small work, so please come out on Saturday, May 6th and support your club.  Then as a thank you, stick around and shoot a few rounds for free courtesy of the Lake County Rod and Gun Club.

If you have questions about any of our special events contact Rick Freeman @ (707) 987-9189

We look forward to seeing you all at the range

Rick & Skip

Skip Miller