February 2016

Your Officers:

President:....................Charlie Winchell                                     

Vice President:.............Dick Latham

Secretary/Treasurer:.....Rick Freeman

Your Directors:

Ken Peters, Mike Marshall, Merritt Winchell, Gail Wiley

Mike Pankovich, Laurie Reed, John Crockett

February 2016

Hello everybody....hope this finds you all doing great and well recovered from having a great holiday season!  Here it is already February with 1/12 of the year already over, where does the time go.  We have been getting some much needed rain & snow.  I hope everybody is faring well with flooding and mud.

Once again we had a great Christmas party with some great food, good conversation and lots of good raffle prizes.  A lot of people went home with some good shooting supplies.

In just a few short months we will be starting back into our round robin & money shoot season.  Lots of good camaraderie, great BBQ and good old fashion heckling, so get your calendars out and mark the dates.  We want to see all of you come out, have fun and support all our clubs.

!!!  Round Robin's!!!

Hey, it's that time once again, ALREADY!  The round robins are just around the corner.  There is still a little more time to get some more practice in and get those shells loaded. The dates and locations have been set.  With the exit of Sonoma we still have one location yet to be determined.  As you remember, last year, Point Arena held two shoots to help purchase the land for their club, filling in for the exit of Sonoma.  These shoots are a lot of fun where you get to try different ranges and meet new people who like to shoot as well.  Bring the family and make a day of it or better yet, a weekend outing.  New shooters need to establish an average.  Average cards are available at the club. The dates are as follows:

  • Ukiah - April 9 & 10
  • Lake County Rod & Gun Club - April 23 & 24
  • Russian River @ Ukiah - May 21 & 22
  • Lake County Rod & Gun Club - June 4 & 5
  • Point Arena - June 25

!!! Money Shoot !!!

THESE ARE A LOT OF FUN!........This is a great chance to unwind and help put life's stresses behind you for a day and join a great group of folks, also, wanting to unwind.  This is also a great way to support our club and have fun doing it.  Plus there is always great BBQ, pasta salads, salads and desserts to enjoy for lunch.  We play every game you can think of and some that we even make up as we go.  Games like Bushwackers, Annie Oaklies, Quail Walk, Custer's, Chase the Rabbit, Team buddy's, Buddy and what ever else you want to try.  We are all there to have fun and give each other a hard time all in good fun.  We do some with buy backs and some without, so start saving your dollar bills because there is always someone more than happy to take yours.  See included flyer for shoot dates!

++ Filling the Houses ++

This time of year it's really crucial to get all the help we can filling the houses.  When the ground is saturated we are unable to drive into the fields without sinking our trucks up to the doors, so we have to carry each case of birds from the parking lot out to the houses.  Many hands makes that task go a lot easier and faster, so please take a few minutes to lend a hand!

!!!  P.I.T.A. Multiplex   !!!

It's been a long time coming, plus a lot of hard work and now we are a certified PITA range.  We are currently hosting Multiplex shoots and hopefully, some day soon, we will be hosting PITA shoots.  Check the PITA web site to obtain the multiplex shoot days and come join us at the range.  They are a lot of fun with a chance to win some money.  It does not matter what skill level you are because there is money for all classes.

The club still has shot for sale at $36 a bag and hats are going for $20.  We do get wads & primers, but that is only through a special bulk order done a few times a year. Talk to a board member about getting onto the list.

Membership Dues:

All membership dues are now past due and a round of trap will now cost you $4.00 instead of $3.00 and no $2.00 day on the third Sunday of each month, so please come out and join. It's only $30 for the whole family.  Help keep a great thing going!!!

Once again, it goes without saying, this is a club that is run buy volunteers and we need EVERYBODIES PARTICIPATION.   Like every volunteer organization most of the work is done buy 10% of the people.  Contrary to popular belief the cases of birds don't walk themselves to the houses and then jump into the machines.  The call boxes don't have wings and just fly into position and hook themselves up.  It takes people showing up and doing all this work.  It's not hard work or work that takes a lot of effort.  Many hands make small tasks.  Refilling the machines between every three rounds is not hard either.  If you are not sure, I guarantee you can find someone to show you how to complete the tack efficiently and SAFELY.  In the world we live in right now we are very fortunate to have this club and range to gather at to visit and shoot.  Lets all step up and do our part to keep it going!!!!!!  We have been given some good ideas to try, so keep your ears open for those.

We look forward to seeing you all at the range.

Rick & Skip

Skip Miller