June 2016

Your Officers:

President:....................Charlie Winchell

Vice President:.............Dick Latham

Secretary/Treasurer:.....Rick Freeman

Your Directors:

Ken Peters, Mike Marshall, Merritt Winchell, Gail Wiley

Mike Pankovich, Laurie Reed, John Crockett

June 2016

Hello All....here we are with the year already half over.  Yes, where does the time go!  Say so long to the rain and hello to the miserable heat!!!!  Before you know it we will be planning our Christmas party.

Things are going well at the range.  We are almost done with the 2016 Round Robin season and starting into the summer PITA multiplex.  On a special note, the PITA events are being held in the evening so the weather is a little cooler and those who have to work have a chance to attend.

We ended up hosting two round robin event this year with both of them going well.  A lot of people showed up to work and help out making things run pretty smooth.  Thank you to everybody that showed up and helped, it's very much appreciated!  We had a good time and so did all our guests. 

The first round robin made us a profit of $2,305.  This will go a long ways towards the upgrades and maintenance on all 4 of our trap machines.

The second round robin made us a profit of $1,030.  We ended up not getting nearly as many shooters as we have in the past.  We had 27 shooters less for singles and 24 shooters less for doubles.  There was a big event happening on Sunday at the Valley of the moon coupled with the heat and graduations could have been big factors for the lower numbers.  We still had a good time and enjoyed the camaraderie.

!!!  Money Shoots !!!

THESE ARE A LOT OF FUN!........This is a great chance to unwind and help put life's stresses behind you for a day and join a great group of folks, also, wanting to unwind.  This is also a great way to support our club and have fun doing it.  Plus there is always great BBQ, pasta salads, salads and desserts to enjoy for lunch.  We play every game you can think of and some that we even make up as we go.  Games like Bushwackers, Annie Oaklies, Quail Walk, Custer's, Chase the Rabbit, Team buddy's, Buddy and what ever else you want to try.  We are all there to have fun and give each other a hard time all in good fun.  We do some with buy backs and some without, so start saving your dollar bills because there is always someone more than happy to take yours.  Shoot dates: 6/19, 7/24, 8/14 & 9/18 -- Gates open at 8am shooting starts at 9am

!!!  P.I.T.A. Multiplex   !!!

It's been a long time coming, plus a lot of hard work and now we are a certified PITA range.  We are currently hosting Multiplex shoots and hopefully, some day soon, we will be hosting PITA shoots.  Check the PITA web site to obtain the multiplex shoot days and come join us at the range.  They are a lot of fun with a chance to win some money.  It does not matter what skill level you are because there is money for all classes.

If you have questions about any of our special events contact Rick Freeman @ (707) 987-9189

The club still has shot for sale at $36 a bag and hats are going for $20.  We do get wads & primers, but that is only through a special request bulk order done a few times a year. Talk to a board member about getting onto the list for the next order.

We would like to give a special shout out to Tucker for showing up with some equipment that was lent to us by Dan Larue.  Tucker filled the holes and cleaned the ditches on the entrance road and did the same to the road that goes behind the club house area.  He also cut a drainage ditch on the west side of house #2 along with a drainage ditch across the front of all four houses.  We get a massive amount of water that flows off the hill and into our houses.  This year house #2 flooded up to the pump.  This work should go a long ways to divert the water away from the houses.....thanks again Tucker & Dan!!!


$$$ 4th Annual Ironman Double Challenge $$$

Get your calendars out and mark Saturday, August 20, 2016 because it's coming up faster than you realize.  Come out and enjoy a great group of folks who enjoy blowing things up.  This shoot is open to the public, so please bring your friends and make a great day of it.  There will be a lot of good laughs and good natured ribbing so bring your A-Game and as usual there is always great BBQ, pasta salads, salads and desserts to enjoy for lunch!!!

The gates open at 8am with shooting starting at 9am.  We will be shooting 300 targets - 100 from 16 yds / 100 from 21 yds / 100 from 16 yds on wobble.  We will be shooting the same classes and rules as used in the round robin.  Cash awards paid out for 1st & 2nd in each class and a plaque for high over all.  The fee is $60 per person to shoot.  

*** Lake County Rod & Gun Club Annual Members Only Shoot ***

This is for the bragging rights amongst all the club members.  Come see if you can keep all the wheels on the bus and win a club title to brag about for the year.  This will be run the same as our round robins with the same classifications, rules and yardage.  We will shoot 100 singles & 50 doubles.  This is another great and fun event held by the club for the club and it's members and as usual there is always great BBQ, pasta salads, salads and desserts to enjoy for lunch!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 9th, 2016.  Gates open at 8am with shooting starting at 9am.


I would like to take a moment of your time and reiterate how important range safety is.  This isn't something that can be stressed enough especially when handling firearms.    When we are on the range we have a lot going on in our minds let alone folks being nervous because they are shooting in front of others.  It's these times we need to be even more diligent and mindful of our actions.  During our last round robin I was witness to two events that could have cost someone their life.  The who is not important, but the how is.  The first was a person who had a malfunction and while they where trying to clear it, with their finger on the trigger, was not paying attention to where the gun was pointing.  It came dangerously close to the shooter next to them.  The second situation was a person who had mounted their gun, but was not ready to shoot and the gun went off because, again, they had their finger on the trigger before it was time.  These situations where taken care of properly, respectfully and safely and they where all avoidable.  My point is that this can happen to any one of us at any time in a split second.  We are all there to have good safe fun.  It only takes one incident to get a range shut down permanently.  My intention is not to scare anybody away.  It's a reminder to be aware of our actions and our surroundings.  We all have a responsibility for ourselves and others.........Thank you for your time!!

We look forward to seeing you all at the range

Rick & Skip

Skip Miller